Comprehensive Criminal Background Check



At CEASE USA we can provide a comprehensive public criminal background check on any individual.  Are you single and dating?  Is your daughter?  Let us help you protect yourself and your family.  Let us help you protect your business and your assets.  What about an individual to care for your loved one?  Need to check out a possible room mate?   Are you considering going into business with someone?  These are all reasons our customers use this service.

When you order a Comprehensive Background Check from Cease USA, you will receive a detailed report by email with information regarding: 

  • Criminal History (state, local and federal) 
  • Property Records
  • Civil Court Lawsuits
  • Sex Offender Registry Check 
  • Child Abuse Registry Check 
  • Social Media Research and Analysis
  • Internet Data Research

*It could also include: 

  • Past Employment & Education 
  • Marriage / Divorce Records
  • Professional License Verification

For background checks on small businesses we may be able to provide information regarding lawsuits pertaining to the business or its owner or partners, the names of key people in the organization, any parent company or subsidiaries, property ownership and various other data.

FYI If you need a background check for a caregiver (for a child or the elderly), please indicate this also in the "Additional Notes" when you place your order.  For this background screening we recommend allowing us to include collecting fingerprints for the federal criminal history check.  In this case you would need to inform the individual and we would need to contact them. 

If you have questions, feel free to contact us at or call/text at (281) 541-5756.

Let us help you stay safe now.



It's easy!  To order a Comprehensive Background Check, add this item to your cart.  Upon purchase you will receive an email with a secure link to enter basic information on the individual or business.  You will simply enter what you know and skip over anything you do not know.  The background checks are private and confidential and the person and/or business is not notified.

Detailed reports will be provided by email within 24-72 hours.

NOTE:  We provide the highest level of security encryption throughout our site.  Websites providing encryption security begin with a lock symbol and HTTPS.  HTTPS is authentication of the visited website and protection of the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data.  HTTPS ensures bidirectional encryption of communications   Look for the "S" after HTTP in the URL when visiting websites and especially for the order links when making payments online!   This information is provided as a courtesy.  At CeaseUSA we care about your security and safety!  Contact us at with any security questions you have.  We are always here to help!  


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