Custom made in Texas Damascus Steel Knives w/Leather Sheath

Damascus steel is a high carbon forged steel that swords were originally made from in the period from 900 AD to as late as 1750 AD.  The name is derived from the craft originating in Damascus, Syria.

A knife can prove the perfect weapon for self-protection.  Our knives are custom made in Texas in the ancient method of 100% hand forging in a process that takes many hours.  Each is an original with no two alike.  The Damascus steel used for these knives are created by forge welding multiple layers of 15N20 & 1095 steel into a solid billet.

We are proud to offer these beautiful handmade in Texas custom Damascus steel knives in both folding and fixed blade.  Knives are $100 ea. any style.

NEW!  Our newest shipment of folding knives have a locking blade for added safety.

To receive pictures of our current inventory text the word KNIVES to (281) 541-5756.