Personal Firearms Training Instruction


Schedule your personal firearms training for basic pistol education, safety and shooting, advanced pistol, rifle, shotgun or tactical shooting lessons with a certified instructor.  The fee is hourly and can be up to 3 hours.  

Personal firearms instruction is available on weekdays and weekends and will be at one of our partner ranges in Spring, Texas or around the Houston area depending on the level of training scheduled and your location.  

This is a great opportunity to get your firearms training from an expert in the field.  

Get personal firearms instruction with our owner, Jimmy Cleveland, who has provided firearms training all over the U.S. and internationally.  He is a Certified NRA Firearms Instructor and Certified State of Texas DPS License to Carry Firearms Instructor.  Jimmy is also an NRA Certified Instructor  for Home Protection and the nationwide acclaimed Refuse to Be a Victim program.  He is a State of Texas DPS Certified Instructor for School Safety (known as the Guardian Program) and a Certified DPS First Responder LTC Instructor among others.  Jimmy served our country uniquely  in two branches of the military as part of a U.S. Marines special security detachment in Panama protecting vital to national security installations, and is also an Army Veteran of the Gulf War.   He is an Expert Marksman, an expert in Perimeter Security, a Survival Expert, and a Jungle Expert, to list a few.  

To schedule email or call/text (346) 442-1506.  





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