Have an Instructor come to you! Host a Certified Texas License to Carry Class at your Business #Teambuilding



Texas License to Carry a Handgun (LTC) Class (formerly CHL class) hosted by your business.   Have an instructor come to your place of business for this course!  This is an excellent team building activity allowing employees (and/or clients) to socialize and bond on a personal level.  This is the certified Texas DPS course required to get a Texas License to Carry a Handgun (LTC) permit. This class is for persons 21 years of age or older and wanting to get their Texas License to Carry permit.  

All our classes are taught by a Military Veteran that is a Texas DPS NRA Certified License to Carry a Handgun Instructor.  The course consists of (5) hours class time at your location with two (2) hours of range time.   

You and your employees will learn about the proper safety and use of a handgun, all about conceal carry and the new Texas Open Carry laws.  Guns are not required to be onsite for this classroom instruction but it is preferred for teaching purposes.  

At the conclusion of the classroom portion, we will go to a local range for the shooting qualifier.  Students will be taught in groups of 12 at the range, which may require several days of scheduling depending on the size of your group.   All students will need a .22 caliber or larger handgun with no laser or modified sights and 50 rounds of ammunition to qualify with.   The state of Texas does not require a person to own a handgun to take the course.  Handguns can be borrowed from us or rented from the range.   When ready to purchase a handgun, we can provide assistance and considerations.  All students will need safety glasses and hearing protection and closed toe shoes for the range.

Upon completion of the course, you and your employees will get a LTC-100 Course Completion Certificate along with information on how to submit this to the state to obtain a Texas License to Carry (LTC) permit.  The course completion certificate is good for two (2) years.   

Class cost is $75.00 per person and the range fee will be approximately $11 to $17 which includes the target.  There is also a fee charged by the state to obtain the carry permit.  NOTE:  We request a minimum of 10 students for this class and a maximum of 100 students.  This class option is available anywhere in Texas.  If your location is outside of a 75 mile radius of Spring, Texas, travel fees will need to be paid for the instructor.  

Send us an email at info@ceaseusa.com to schedule your class!  

Once you reserve your date we will create a special sign up icon on the website just for your class!  The link to the class can then be shared with your employees.  We will also provide a flyer that you can email to your employees.   This is a fun way to have a class and we are glad to offer it!  Contact us today! 

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