About us

CEASE USA is a Veteran owned business with over 30 years of experience in helping individuals, families, and businesses stay safe and secure.

 About the owner and founder Jimmy Cleveland ..

Jimmy proudly served our country in the Marine Corps under the U.S. Military Southern Command in Panama.  He also served as a Sergeant in the Army to which he is a Veteran of the Gulf War participating in Operation Desert Storm and the liberation of Kuwait.  In Panama, Jimmy served as Marine Corporal in the Military Police Corps in charge of investigations and reactionary force operations and was an Expert Marksman.  While serving in Panama, Jimmy was over a special security detachment charged with the protection of the Vital to National Security installations, including an international communications facility, fuel farms and other installations along with surrounding infrastructure. Among other awards he earned a Valorous Unit Award and Meritorious Unit Commendation Award. 

Jimmy is a Texas DPS Certified Licensed to Carry a Handgun Instructor, a Certified NRA License to Carry Instructor, a Certified NRA Instructor for Home Protection,  Texas DPS Certified School Safety Instructor, Certified NRA Instructor for Basic Pistol Safety and Certified NRA Instructor for Refuse to be a Victim.

Jimmy was raised on a dairy farm in a small town in Pennsylvania where he gained his faith and trust in God, and learned the value and honor of hard, honest work and helping others.  It is his desire to help others that led him to service in the military and to serve others in the area of security, defense and protection.