Certified State of Texas DPS School Safety Course (School Guardian Program)



This is the Texas DPS Certified School Safety Course (otherwise known as the School Guardian program),  required by the state of Texas to become trained and certified to carry a defensive handgun on a school campus as a School Guardian.  This course is designed to train, evaluate and certify school staff (coaches, administrators, teachers or other employees) of a school district or open-enrollment charter school to carry defensive handguns on a school campus and defend against an active shooter.   

This course is taught at our location in Spring, Texas near 2920 and the Grand Parkway and at our 2 local partner ranges for indoor/outdoor live fire training and qualification.

Note: The instructor can also travel to other cities in Texas to instruct the course to meet the needs of an ISD.  Travel costs for the instructor and one employee will be required along with range fees for this option.   Call 346.442.1506 or email info@ceaseusa.com with your school information and the number of Guardians to be trained for the course to obtain pricing for this option.

ATTENTION: THE PREREQUISITE FOR THIS COURSE IS THE TEXAS LICENSE TO CARRY CLASS.  Persons who do not have a valid Texas License to Carry must obtain their license before taking this course as per state law.   We have Texas LTC classes on SaturdaysIf needed, sign up for one of our upcoming LTC class dates on our website or text/call 346.442-1506.)

The Texas DPS Certified School Safety Course is a 16+ hours 2 day course as mandated by Texas law to carry a defensive handgun on a Texas school campus as a Guardian. 

Although this course was designed for school employees that are authorized to carry in their schools under the adoption of the Guardian program, school teachers, school employees or anyone who has a Texas License to Carry who is not yet authorized to carry in their school may take the course.  It is beneficial for any school employee (present or future) due to the wealth of additional critical school safety and training information


Classes are taught once a month.  Read the course outline below then email your information your contact information to info@ceaseusa.com and we'll get you set up.  To contact us by phone call or text 346.442-1506.

The fee INCLUDES all range fees and training materials and equipment with the exception of live fire ammunition.  (See below.) 

The outlined objectives are:

-Protection of Students

-Strategies to Prevent Unauthorized Access to Classrooms & Campus Areas

- Learning How Common Classroom Items can be Utilized in Defense of an Intruder

-Situational Awareness

-Mental Toughness-Methods for Increasing a License Holder’s Accuracy with a Handgun while under Duress- Avoiding the Shooter for Safe Exit of the Students

-How to Identify and Interact with First Responders

Coffee, water, donuts and kolaches will be provided each morning.  There will be a lunch break each day.  Students may bring a lunch or make a quick trip for lunch.

Day 1 - (8+ hours classroom and firearm qualification + 30 min. lunch break)

Before the class starts there is a prequalification live fire exam and a written test based on the License to Carry course.

  • Pre-Qualification - 50 Rounds - Required Score 90% - Minimum Target Score of 225

  • Pre-Qualification Written Test – LTC Rules and Regulations Minimum Score 90%

  • School security training from a Texas DPS School Safety Certified Instructor using Texas DPS curriculum

Day 2 (8+ hours classroom and tactical firearm training + lunch break and travel to range)

  • Scenario Training

  • Shooting under Duress Training

  • Shoot under duress 200 round live-fire proficiency using hostage targets

  • Final written exam (90% required)


Firearm: Semi-Automatic Pistol:  .380mm caliber or above or a Revolver .38 caliber or above, plus 2 additional magazines.  Speed loaders are allowed. Optic systems that do not provide zoom capability but offer a sighting system within the optics are allowed (i.e. red dot, or holographic).   Reach out to us at info@ceaseusa.com for pistol recommendations or if you need to purchase a firearm.  

All weapons must be clean, properly lubricated and in good working operating order for use on the range.  All weapons will be inspected prior to use at the range.  

Ammunition:  The Total Course calls for 250 live fire rounds.  Please bring additional rounds in the event of malfunctions or failures.  All ammunition used must be listed on the Sporting Arms Ammunition Manufacturing institute List, (saami.org), i.e. Federal, PMC, Remington and Winchester to name a few.  No Re-Loads are permitted.  Let us know if you would like to purchase ammo from us for the course.  Many schools/ individuals prefer that we provide the ammunition.  Pricing depends on the caliber of the firearm. 

Protection:  Bring adequate eye protection and ear protection for the range.  Appropriate range clothing and footwear is required, long pants, closed toed shoes or boots, sneakers are fine.  Wear clothing that protects against hot brass.  No tank tops or clothing with chest exposure.  Short or long sleeve t-shirts with rounded collar are fine.  Headgear is recommended, billed baseball caps, booney hat or other.  

Upon successfully passing the course, the student will receive a Texas DPS School Safety Training Completion Certificate.  A copy should be on file at the school and a document will be filed at Texas DPS as part of the record for the School Safety Completion Course.  

Ongoing Firearms Training:  Texas DPS designed this course in coordination with the Texas State Troopers to be comprehensive and complete.  Guardians are not mandated by Texas Statute, the TEA, TASB or any governing body to have ongoing firearms and security training beyond this course.   It is recommended and as school safety security experts, we DO recommend continued firearms training every 6 months to ensure your Guardians stay prepared and proficient.  Upon completion and passing of this course and Guardian certification, we will provide our recommended plan for continued training and education. 


Contact us at info@ceaseusa.com to schedule or call/text 346.442-1506. 

Thank you for choosing CeaseUSA.  As a U.S. Military Veteran owned company, we are proud and honored to assist in keeping students safe and secure at our Texas schools. 

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